Friday, October 22, 2004

Something about Mark

About five years ago, Mark Cuban was the big kahuna at that had just been bought out by Yahoo for 5 billion dollars. Yahoo was really interested in my company's products but they got Mark on the case because he was their main guy when it came to video. So Mark had me and my partners fly out to Dallas to meet him and his team. He yelled at me for a couple of hours and tried to poke holes in our technology and then finally made us an offer to buy the company and pretty much threw us out of his offices. Needless to say, I didn't take his offer but I am still on good terms with him and oddly enough, he wrote about our technology from back in the day recently in his blog. I like Mark, he's a loose canon but the dude has some really solid values when you take a look under the hood. I watched a bit of both the Apprentice and Benefactor and the difference seems to be that Trump & his squad seem to make arbitrary nasty decisions to can people for what seems like minor issues, Cuban on the other hand makes what seems to be really rational entrepreneurial decisions. Trump makes his calls from an ivory tower and Cuban's in the trenches with the rest of us sweathogs. Even with a billion bucks in his pocket, Cuban still makes common sense decisions that don't seem to be too different from the ones that I would make.

One of his companies is Magnolia pictures and they have a documentary coming out that was filmed in Iraq by a bunch of random Iraqis given DV cameras. It seems to be the most enlightening piece of media coming out of Iraq because it doesn't take a stand, just seems to blurt out a whole bunch of footage shot by everyday people on the ground in Iraq.

On a different note, this guy is an idiot and you should check out Tiger Army.

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