Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Well my 1 day roadtrip turned into a full week on the road which was a little harsh but mucho productivo. I cooked my first turkey this weekend - 16 pounds of bird flesh stuffed with 4 pounds of "stuffing". Good thing some people came over! A word of advice if you ever make a huge slab of any kind of meat, get a meat thermometer - it works great and you don't have to know what you're doing. Oh yeah, buy some disposable containers and make sure nobody leaves empty handed ;) This was a random weekend with lots of random activities including some bike repair work, cleanup and some chopper riding. I think a bunch of us are going to start a mini chopper bike gang to terrorize something or the other - "Hells Retards".

I ran in to Chuck at the boat/sled shop on the corner of my street. He now is the proud owner of some steel pins in his wrist thanks to a redneck who strung a steel cable across an ATV trail and nearly decapitated Chuck. Good thing he was there because I was able to vulture a few parts from his wounded bike :) For the record, I'm not the only one pulling parts off his bike, that's another crap thing about being out of action, your friends will use your machine spares. But that's what friends are for right? Anyways, he's probably still burping turkey and he'll have some shiney new parts from all of us when the orders come in.

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