Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Road rules

I am on the road again pretty much all week this week, working at the House of Commons. Yesterday history was made - the chamber ajourned because of a software issue! Something to do with the translators software systems. I guess that's the state of things right now that software in some form controls almost all machines. This is kind of scary when you think about it but at the end of the day, most of the machines work pretty well most of the time so catastrophic failures are pretty rare. Having said that though I saw a show about software bugs in radiation therapy machines that killed a few people, so you've really got to be careful not to underestimate the effects of bad software.

On a different note, a while ago I was talking about car stereo integration with MP3 players. News.com has a pretty good article about this.

If you haven't seen the CBC shows on the greatest Canadians of all time, you should check them out, pretty cool people. I didn't realize that insulin was invented by a Canadian (Frederick Banting) who sold his invention for a dollar to made sure that insulin was affordable by everybody and in turn saved millions of lives. Lots of people and stuff like that.


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