Saturday, March 31, 2007

Something stinks and it's not my feet

Some of you outside of Quebec probably don't know about some of the details of our recent provincial election. Many of my friends outside Quebec think that the majority of pure blood French Canadians are rednecks/racists. This isn't entirely true but unfortunately it hasn't been easy to defend the populace with articles like these dominating the headlines for the past few months. What is that all about? This article for those of you that don't speak French, points out how unacceptable some locals think that serving soup without ham and letting Muslims pray in a "Cabane a Sucre" is. This is an age old Quebec tradition, probably one of the most defining traditions of this society. Sure getting hosed in the woods while eating maple syrup on ham is a sacred ceremony but for fucks sake, getting infuriated when the tradition is flexed a little to accommodate others to me seems to be just plain racist and proves the point of those outside of Quebec who think QC-Francophones are just a bunch of backwoods yeehaws.

Unfortunately there's lots of this going around and the ADQ headed by Mario Dumont are front and center in the fight against diversity. I don't think that MD himself is originating this stuff but in the process of shamelessly riding the tide of anti-urban sentiment, this poor specimen has jumped on the bandwagon of rural angst and adopted some of its racist undertones.

This is especially sad considering that most of the areas that are really adamant about these policies have not a single visible minority. In the province of Quebec, the only place you'll see a minority is in Montreal yet the argument about Muslims, Sikhs and other such groups rages on not here but in small towns with nothing but pure white French people.

How sad, how embarrassing and how pathetic is this? The ironic thing is that the ADQ has quite a few immigrant candidates. Shame on them.

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