Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More cash from more chaos

The equities market has been a mess this past two weeks and I've managed to avoid a lot of pain with the following moves:

- Sold NTRI (+13%)
- Sold all tech except DIVX (-3%)
- Sold GS this morning at 205 (bought last week at 199)
- Last week bought into DIVX at $20 and VRNT at about $30 (up +1 to 3%)

So far I'm out of everything except VRNT, DIVX, TM, DEO, MPEL and a couple of agriculture and defence ETFs . I'm feeling a lot of pain on MPEL but I'm prolly going to double down as soon as it starts lifting again. I am now sitting at 65% cash. Overall, I'm still up a point since Jan 9th and I've got tons of upside coming on VRNT, DIVX & TM. Not so sure when DEO and MPEL are going to fly.

If things really crater this week I'm going to jump back in again.


Anonymous said...

This is totally random..but check out this Brit band...


Love them.

sanj said...

Cool thanks! They're kinda groovy in a lazy bathtub psychedelic way. Not exactly what I'm listening to these days but it's nice to hear some new stuff. Having said that, I had heard a spotlight on them on a college radio station on some road trip in a forgotten city recently.