Thursday, March 29, 2007

Apple sauce

Dvorak thinks the iPhone is going to be a dud. Personally, I'm kind of torn. He's right in saying that competition between Motorola/Nokia/Samsung is going to squeeze the margins out of this segment but at the same time people really want their iThings and RIM is doing a great job at selling high margin gadgets without serious threat from M/N/S.

So what's it going to be for Apple? iTV and phone domination or is this their stumbling block? Steve's been a killer (in the execution sense) to date but he's got some serious obstacles in front of him with both these markets. There are no guaranteed slam dunks for sure but we're in for a wild ride. I have no predictions on this one but I think that Apple is going to do us all a favor by raising the bar for everyone else at a minimum.

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Anonymous said...

do you agree that kids with disposable income set alot of these trends. they aren't worried about qulaity as much as style. i believe that as long as apple caters to the 12 - 30 crowd with cool sleek gadgets they will buy buy buy! all in the image ain't it!