Thursday, May 12, 2005

My guests

My web logs have shown me that for the most part, besides my friends, it's just perverts who end up browsing this site. Why perverts? Because these two pages have pretty high rankings in the google image search:

August crackhouse
The girls of goth

Try this: Go to google, click on the "images" tab and search for "crack house". Somewhere in the top ten you'll find some familiar asses.

Here's my top ten this week:

1) Wot - Captain sensible
2) Krafty - New Order
3) Jamestown - The Movielife
4) Army of me - Bjork
5) Puff she puff - Black Uhuru
6) The Raven - Stranglers
7) Mass Destruction - Faithless
9) Juanita - The Underworld
10) My Kingdom - Future Sound of London

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