Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dodgeball and Friendster

So Google just bought out Dodgeball and that makes me wonder what those retards at Friendster have been doing with the millions of bucks worth of VC funding that they got a long time ago. Dodgeball is like a friendster for cell phones, you and your friends sign up and when you go to a bar, club or resto, you send an email to dodgeball which tells you which friends in your first and second degree are in the hood. It also lets you be a modern day stalker by notifying you if and when your crushes are close by.

Why the hell didn't those tards at the 'ster do this? It's been years since they've been in beta and there isn't too much new. They just recently added blogs and photo albums - whooo hooo, welcome to 2002. It kills me that somebody with such a head start could screw up so bad. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time.

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