Monday, May 02, 2005

Forty Five Billion Dollar Scam

So while all of the Canadian Conservatives and separatists have their panties in a bunch about a one hundred million dollar scam, there are much bigger scams that we seem to forget:

- The Canadian government has collected $45 Billion in employment insurance premiums that went to other programs in the past decade, we got ripped off for a decade. This continues to this day. The EI program is a money making operation that probably accounts for the entire budget surplus. The same is true in Quebec with provincial motor vehicle insurance premiums.

- The federal gun registry ran 1-2 billion dollars over budget. What a colossal screw up and who will benefit? Big companies like EDS and CGI. How many lives will it ever save? Probably none, how about dumping a billion dollars into community centers for kids so they don't buy guns? Build a thousand skateboard parks for a million dollars each and see how much crime goes down as kids self confidence goes up.

- Jacques Parizeau had a short position on the Canadian dollar against the US dollar and used the entire population of Quebec's pension as collateral. What a dumb ass, who the hell gave him 'moral authority' to do that. Talk about an arrogant prick.

- The PQ very conveniently dropped charges against 31 people who admittedly conspired to reject 'No' votes in the 1995 Quebec referendum. 86,000 votes were rejected - the vast majority of them being 'No' votes. The winning margin was only 56,000 votes. Isn't that what you expect out of a third world banana republic dictatorship?

How we conveniently forget about these things. It doesn't surprise anybody that politicos siphoned of a couple of hundred million, it's just surprising when they get caught and you'd have to be a moron to think that all those who are indignated are simply those who haven't been caught or haven't had the opportunity to pillage (yet).


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