Friday, March 04, 2005

Top ten for March

The funny thing about my top ten list besides never having ten items, is that it seems to be getting more diverse. Dig in to this:

1) buzzcocks - what do i get
2) agustus pablo - lion of judah dub
3) psychedlic furs - ghost in you
4) black uhuru - heathen
5) aphex twin - on
6) UB40 - king
7) the ruts - babylons burning
8) fila brazillia/black uhuru - boof and baff and biff
9) mighty diamonds - jah bless the dredlocks
10) the cure - high
11) fisherspooner - the 15th

Wow, I really have to find some new releases because the newest thing on this list is like three years old and most of it is like 20+. The only new music that I have bought in the past year has been thundering metal/punk which seems to be one area that a lot of fresh stuff is coming out of. Everything else seems to be boring me these days.

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