Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend in review

My buddies filmed a backcountry snowmobile segment for Musicplus this past weekend, I can't wait to see those yahoos rip it up on the telly. On a scary note, big Al crashed really hard on Sat. nite and totaled his sled but literally escaped death by hurtling between two massive trees head first. A few feet or inches over and he'd be dead or seriously borked. I actually got a shitload of stuff done this weekend, replaced my well pump and dishwasher, got hosed with Chuck and even got to do some snowboarding on Sunday. We'll be going every weekend and one weeknite, I'm pretty stoked about that.

And finally congratulations to the Iraqi people who turned out in large numbers to essentially vote the Americans out of Iraq. I hope that they can keep the peace themselves and not end up in a civil war. Unfortunately, I don't see how a civil war is going to be avoided because the Americans will be kicked out or will leave soon and nobody else will want to step up to keep the peace even if the Iraqi populace would have it (which they won't). Such is life.


hipsta said...

Is Al OK? Is the tree OK? Did you get a sled yet?

sanj said...

Fortunately Al is fine, a little grumpy but fine.