Thursday, January 27, 2005

Back to the coast

I was pissed off enough today to cash in some airmiles for a couple of tickets to Costa Rica. Woo hooo, back to the beach. Did that ever make my day or what. So if you want to find me in late May, forget about it - I'll be screaming at the monkeys.

I saw a local down there with this saying written on his surfboard that seemed to sum it up: "To some it's salt water, to us it's holy water"


hipsta said...

Dude!!! I finally found your blog... been looking for months... mind you it's kinda hard to see through all these beer bottles in front of my screen.

That's awesome about the Costa Rica trip.. this weather's been pissing me off too.. can't wait for the spring!

So Gen and I are movin into our house in Feb.. shortly after that we'll be having some BBQ and beer... you in?

sanj said...

Wicked brah,
Congrats on the new home! Lemme know when and where and I'll be dere. Easy dood...