Monday, January 24, 2005

Must haves

Here's my cool gadgets list right now:

Sandisk SD memory with a pop out USB interface - how cool is that? Half a gig and up!

Keyspan remote - now that your computer is connected to your stereo, skip songs, change the webradio channel remotely with this USB gadget.

If you don't want to get stuck with Apple only AAC/iTunes, you can get a 1G Sandisk flash MP3 player with a display instead of an iPod shuffle for a couple of bucks less.

Building or buying a new house? Try wiring up your house with CAT 5 cable for your multizone audio/video to use with an in wall Sony CDP-NW10 media controller. Mucho coolio.

How about 802.11g wireless MPEG4 cameras to monitor your estate in D1 video resolution for a few hundred bucks?

And of course the omnifi USB hard drive car (and boat!) stereo with wifi sync to your PC media library.

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