Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Streets

Yo, listen to this:

fit and you know it
could well be in

(edited for those with old media players and/or goat dna)


Captain Fantabulous said...

Okay...this is bizarre. I clicked on the link and I heard the following..."5 minutes to it, I'll be right there." then a Budweiser add inturrupted by some type of football commentary. I then clicked it again and it played a music video. Now...which one was I supposed to hear?

hipsta said...

ya, I'm getting that too.. sounds like a really bad mix at an up north sports/dansers nus bar!

sanj said...

The budweiser ad and the Streets vids got mixed up if you had an older media player for some reason. It's supposed to be the Streets, song of the day for me for the record.