Sunday, December 05, 2004

The week in review

Sometimes things just seem to whiz by so fast that it's hard to find time to even blink. This past week was one of those for me. It all started last Friday nite, blizart, neon and then a wing ding a the new W. I drank the ocean and paid for it on Saturday which led to a James Brown concert and a birthday party. JB rocks plain and simple. I saw him once before for free outdoors at a Grand Prix show but it wasn't quite the same. The show at Metropolis was awesome, it's an honor just to be in the same room as that guy and I wasn't disappointed.

That led up to my week on the road. 15 meetings in 5 days, 12-14 hour days, 4 hours of sleep and a week of Marriott room service. Now I am ready for a retirement home but unfortunately I have to do this all over again two or three times until my contract is done. If you can't find me don't take it personally, I'll turn up eventually.

When I do, don't give me a wedgie and in the meantime, try not to do anything too stoopid.

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