Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bernie gets fingered

I really don't like Bernie Ecclestone, he's the guy that nearly stole the Formula 1 GP races from Montreal and is doing the same thing in England right now. Everybody hates him because he had exclusive control over the F1 empire and bullied everyone in his way.

I am happy to say that Bernie is in big shit now.

First off, in 2008, Ferrari, Renault, Mclaren, Mercedes, BMW and Williams are starting a new series called "GPWC". Without them, the F1 doesn't seem to carry much weight anymore.

Second, Bernie is losing control of the company to the banks that own 75% of the company.

Every dog has his day and it looks like the day is coming soon that Bernie will get his. Now if only he could lick his own balls.

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