Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It is time to cough up some cash.

Seventy thousand plus dead, millions homeless, hundreds of communities wiped out and all we (North American governments) can cough up is 10 million bucks plus a loan of 20 million. George spent 200 billion on a useless war and all he could cough up was a few million in aid.

This is a very sad indicator of the state of affairs on our continent.

So what does that mean? It means that per capita, the US goverment did not even cough up 6 cents for aid but coughed up seven hundred bucks a year for a war.

This really means that it is up to you and me to dig deep because our governments won't and it is really unlikely that countries that bitch and moan at the UN won't either despite their pro-third world rhetoric. And where the fuck is that billionaire Osama and his aid? That prick is richer that most first world governments and all he can do is blow up Iraqis while his fellow Muslims live in squalor. How about the hundreds of millions that Arafat stashed away, what are the chances that that money will ever help out Muslims in need?

Dig deep and cough up some cash or shut up:

I'm off to to Costa Rica to do some surfing, see y'all on the 10th.

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