Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Secret about The Secret

Man, I can't believe how many people I've met that have bought into this Oprah induced "The Secret" bullshit. Seems like a great placebo for the North American culture of quick fixes. Take a pill and lose 100lbs, make a wish and "the secret" will make it come true through the cosmic nature of the universe - how utterly absurd.

This is such an enormous load of shit and yet so successful that I wished sometimes that I was in the business of selling snake oil to gullible idiots who need quick fixes. I can't do it because I just don't have the heart.

If you think that I'm a bitter old toad, at least humor me and spend ten bucks and read some alternatives. A much better credible alternative is "Power of Your Subconscious Mind" followed by "Learned Optimism" and "Giant Within" and finally when you're on fire and the game is on you'll need "48 Laws of Power" and "The Art of War".

Buy a dozen copies of The Secret and give them to your enemies and competitors so you can crush them while they're making wishes and summoning up cosmic forces.

Edit: The quick fix weight loss pills will make your ass leak oil.


Anonymous said...

It's all bullshit man, common sense is where it's at.

PGuy said...

I have read "The Secret" and the bulk of those other books you mention.

I shared your sceptism over it, and having read it, agree somewhat with your disdain. But the book is not completely without merit. Underneath its flakiness and Oprah-hype, it is basically drilling home an important point shared by Tony Robbins, the leaders of positive psychology and all the religions of the world.

TR preaches the importance of mental focus in determining how we feel, our emotions. Positive psychologists believe in the importance of a balance between present pleasure and future meaning. Religions revolve around faith.

The whole point is to have us focused on positive thoughts and therefore positive emotions to generate a positive-feedback cycle, as opposed to wallowing in pity over past failures and negative emotions.

"The Secret" is definitely cheesy, and only covers one aspect of these other tools and technologies, but maybe that is what some people need. If it can help just a few people change what they're focusing on then maybe it's worthwhile. If it takes new-agey fluff and Oprah's seal of approval to get some people caught in a tailspin - unable to focus on anything but the past - then why not? We all respond to different stimulii, right? And we're all playing at different levels...

sanj said...

Any book that tells you that relieves you of responsibility for your destiny is evil and oppressive.

This kind of crap will keep those who are fat, depressed and ignorant in that state forever because they have no responsibility for their fortunes and somebody else to blame for their misfortunes.

Fuck that, get off the fucking couch, turn off the TV, put down the doritos and work hard. That's what the book should be saying. Staring at your bellybutton all day will just leave you craving more doritos.

Thanks Oprah, you've made it that much easier for hard working people to get ahead.

PGuy said...

I'm not in disagreement. But when I read it, I didn't take it as an entire strategy. Anybody who thinks they're getting anywhere by just believing in it and not taking action is definitely more fucked than Siegfried at Roy's.

I just thought it did a great job at one party: getting a positive mental focus...but this is just only one tiny part of the entire process for success/happiness or whatever it is you're looking for.

I also assume that those fat, lazy, people watching Oprah aren't even getting past page two anyway...