Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Challenge

Here's a balls out challenge open to all my friends and associates in or around Montreal, I will match dollar for dollar any donation to Dans la Rue between now and Dec 31st of this year up to a grand total of a (a big number edited out) (mucho pain + ouch + yikes! + sandwiches for a year). The only catch is that I have to know you already to match your donation. Email me.

Edit: I made the total matching amount private because it seemed pompous and self serving but the offer remains the same and the sum hasn't changed. It's a big painful number, believe me.


Anonymous said...

Can ytou write off your donation? I really hope you will donate the ten grand even if the number is not matched. If you can even think about giving that much then you should. I sure wish I had an extra ten grand to doante!

sanj said...

Everybody in Canada can deduct donations in a convoluted tiered tax credit system.

I don't have that kind of money but I decided that on top of what I already donated that I'd borrow the rest with some real pain to match the contribution of my friends. I don't have a car this year so I can pay it off within a year.

Win win, hopefully set an example of some good faith bravado.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I think that is an awesome way to convince family and friends to donate.

Let us know how it works out!