Monday, December 03, 2007

Beware of Non-Problem

I'll admit it, I got sucked in by an expert telling me "no problem". I had an architectural problem with some complex geometry and I handed the problem over to an architect as I was clearly in over my head. "No problem" she says. Ten weeks later, still no solution but I'm still hearing "no problem". Somethings not right here so I start pressing harder, finally after coming a nanosecond away from a bat-shit crazy drooling foaming rabid psycho homicidal freak-out, it's revealed that (wait for it) there's really a big problem after all.

I'm an idiot for not listening to my gut. When somebody tells me there's no problem and doesn't tell me how they're going to solve the "non problem", the alarm should have gone off.Now the non-problem is once again my problem. Fuck do I ever hate when that happens and the next person that has a non-problem with a non-solution is going to get a good kick in the proverbial nuts, either that or a bat-shit crazy drooling foaming rabid psycho homicidal freak-out.

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Anonymous said...

intuition and common sense prevail once again. good example of going with your gut.