Friday, November 02, 2007

I love bugs

Well actually I really love Bug Labs who happen to be my favorite company in the world. These doods make open source modular hardware to build and program your own mobile net connected gadgets. Yep, you gotta be a geek to really appreciate this one. Here's how it works, get a base module, throw on a wireless receiver, touch panel, GPS and camera module and whip up some java code and you can have this thing document and geotag your travels through space and time while recording the weather at the same time.

Once again, this project is for geeks only but fuck is it ever cool.


Anonymous said...

Talking about nerds how about the google phone.

sanj said...

It's not a phone, it's an open source platform for phones along with a consortium of enemies trying hard to not get their businesses eaten away by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

Most of them would rather know what their enemies are doing from the inside rather than peering in from the outside.

The real test is going to be what kind of value this new stuff delivers to the people. Free calls with ads? Free wifi/wimax? Free VOIP? Lets wait and see what the killer app is. It certainly isn't getting google ads on your phone.