Friday, November 30, 2007

I like Jeff

Warning: Geek post ahead

Jeff Bezos is probably one of the most underrated guys on the planet. Once upon a time during the Internet 1.0 boom, everybody gave out stuff for free or under cost and lost money and nobody could figure out how they'd ever make money. Jeff's was one of those companies. After the boom, analysts were laughing at them as a failed relic of the Internet Bubble. Then Amazon started making money hand over fist and they stop laughing.

These days, Jeff is quietly selling cloud storage, cloud computing, group manual processing, virtualized servers and basic banking as a service. This stuff is called Amazon S3, EC3, Flexible Payments, Mechanical Turk and a bunch of other geek names.

What it means to the small business is that now any small business can have unlimited storage, unlimited severs on demand, unlimited people tasks and Amazon grade funds transfer service available to their own apps.

This is some brilliant stuff that's going to change the business world that we know and also change the Internet that we know. This stuff is Internet 3.0 and I'm pretty excited about it. We're doing a bunch of dev stuff right now on this at my office and it's pretty cool.

You can create a virtual server, boot it up, load software and run it and then destroy the machine - all using web service calls and all hosted on Amazon servers.

Brilliant, great work Jeff.

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PGuy said...

I completely agree, and we're certainly seeing the same thing from where we stand (in terms of the need and uses of storage and virtualization, etc.)

But the big differentiator this time around is capital efficiency. This is one place where I know you guys (and us) excel...leverage. It's powerful and investors love it.

We are in very exciting times, again.

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