Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cheap(er) Flights

I've been spending a lot of time in airports these days so I've had a chance to use a few different web sites to book my travel. Usually I use Expedia or Air Canada/Westjet but these days with the Canadian dollar above par, I'm using quite a bit. Overall they seem to be finding me flights about 25%-30% less than I usually pay and with much more variety in schedules. Highly recommended, give them a spin sometime.


PGuy said...

That is awesome...good find!

Anonymous said...

it is a great resource for cheap flights. i have used it for years. I guess for Canadians it is only uselful when the CDN$ is strong?

sanj said...

Yes, that's correct. I had been checking Kayak results for a while and always got better results through in $CAD. You have to remember that booking a US purchase on a CAD credit card causes 2% friction due to crappy exchange rates. So now with the dollar at 1.025, the Kayak results are actually at about par so they now become extremely competetive.

Also, Kayak seems to be finding a lot more mixed carrier flights. Maybe the individual sites (orbitz, travelocity etc.) are getting better while Expedia/Air Canada are stagnant.