Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being Upfront

It's actually easier than you think, change your outlook and do what you say. No so hard right? So why is it that so many people flap their lips and don't follow up with action? Most people would rather not face the unpleasant part of being honest upfront. In the real world, being upfront leads to awkward situations like when you have to say no, like saying no to doing something you don't feel right doing. What's the option then? Say yes and don't show up and then avoid the person? Sadly, most people don't have the backbone to be upfront with the people around them. Frankly, I'd rather avoid those kinds of people because in reality it seems that they aren't upfront with themselves and to me that lack of self confidence sucks energy out of those around them (i.e. Me). Fuck it, life is too short - I'd rather hang out with 2 people that inspire me than 100 who bore me.

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Anonymous said...

Feel your pain. Sometimes saying yes when you mean no can change a persons outlook. Putting yourself out there is a good thing BUT you must show up. Period. Being a spinless jellyfish is not productive and leaves everyone feeling hurt. In business and real life the best gift you can give someone is honesty.