Friday, February 16, 2007

Not so quick Steve

Even though I dislike their products in a romper room/fischer price irritation kind of way, Apple has made me some money and lots of people like them. In turn I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for lining my pockets and for all of you guys who own ipods for keeping their revs up.

Having said that, I'm not so sure anymore that the iPhone is going to be the slam dunk that a lot of people think it is. Here's why:

5) It's too expensive and Steve is a greedy pig that doesn't give stuff away
4) Cingular is the only US carrier
3) It's a closed system and the other carriers will be really pissed about not getting a good cut of the revenues and won't be able to push their own music stores
2) There's going to be a bunch of stuff coming from LG, Motorola and Nokia that does the same stuff and flash memory/lcd prices are plummeting so fat margins will be gone
1) NVidia and Marvel have killer chips that they will license to everybody that does stuff like the proto phone below

I'm not saying that it's going to fail but it's not a slam dunk just yet.


Anonymous said...

my first computer was apple 2e... then on to pc for high school through until the end of last year. needed a new laptop... bought a MacBook in black, your welcome $anj... I always felt Mac was neat but not a business tool. On my Mac I run windows XP in an app called Parallels where there is a need, and Mac OS for the greater part of the time. So my computing expereince does not miss a beat - Schedule, emails, sync'ed info, client database & management; and all along there is way less clicking, rebooting and annoying little windows popping reminding about certain things my computer was doing, or noticed, or thought... the Mac ride is smooth and complete. Plus the commercials are funny... accept uh deny, kerplunko.

sanj said...

My first computer was a single board computer programmed with flip switches, my second a TI 99/4A. My third computer was an Apple II clone that I assembled from a bag of chips and soldered together over my parents washing machine and learnt 6502 assembly language on a crappy black and white tv. I too have a long love/hate relationship with Apple. I've used parallels and pretty much every major Mac software product out there and have a Mac in my lab so I'm speaking from experience when I state my preference.

I appreciate that lots of people like these products and respect their value. But then again many people like wasabi on their sushi which blesses me with a violent bout of torrential nasal vomit.

Too each his own my friend. Thank$ again and enjoy your upcoming releases which seem to be very cool.