Monday, February 12, 2007

Bear Week

Seems like there's a market correction in play right now so the past couple of days have been really terrible for equities. Subsequently I've cashed in 2/3 of my portfolio and taken pretty much everything out except for DIVX, TM, TWX, HPQ and DEO.

The only bargain that I did buy today was MPEL which was a steal at the current price.

All in all I have 2 portfolios, a moderate personal one and a larger corporate one reaping 18% and 2.1% respectively in about 5 weeks. Even with the bitter winds of correction in my face, I'm doing way better than a GIC. The big haircut that's in process now is going to create a great time to restock when the panic peaks.


Anonymous said...

i lost a couple of grand and i play it safe. playing the stocks is a lot like going to vegas. i hope to recoup in the next day or so.

sanj said...

Really there is no such thing as playing it safe in equities because everything gets blown over equally when there's a downturn.

I can't say that I actually lost any money but I have lost gains in the five figure range in a couple of days so I feel for you.

Over the long term though even after the disaster in 00-02, I have still done way better in equities and mutual funds than any bank could have offered me. If you're in it for the long haul, this is no big deal.