Friday, February 09, 2007

More Zune

Somebody asked about my Zune versus ipod and iphone. Here's a quick wrap up, it's super easy to use, has a nicer XBOX-esque UI than an iPod and the software is mildly different than iTunes.

I don't use the subscription service but it is available in the US, not sure about Canada yet. Basically it's an all you can eat service for fifteen bucks a month, the downside being that your downloads stop playing when you stop subscribing.

I still buy CDs so I can rip them in any format and quality that I want and bounce them between any devices I choose any time I choose. I'd never let Steve or Bill make that decision for me.

Regarding the Zune phone, I don't know anything yet but it would be ideal if it had a smaller form factor than the first gen Zune and was laid out something like this Samsung Ultra 700. The Samsung seems to be a giant killer, fingers crossed on availability.


Anonymous said...

I suppose if you buy CD's to rip it makes sense. For those that don't rip I think i-tunes is a better choice. Pay as you go makes sense for those not wanting to buy a whole CD. Why pay 15 bucks when you can just buy a song or two for way less. The idea that you pay 15 bucks a month to "rent" songs doesn't appeal to me. Hopefully Zune will do something about that.

sanj said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you can also buy music for about a buck a track just like iTunes. There's a firmware update coming out later this year to expand the wifi funky stuff so I am assuming that wifi direct downloads are on their way as well.

Still love the beast.