Monday, September 11, 2006

Of beans and stuff

I haven't written much for a while because I got a little tired of having a one way dialog with myself here in this column. Sure, I talk to friends from time to time and they know what I've been up to but it's really boring to write words publicly in one direction.

So what the hell have I been up to? For one, I've been traveling 3 days a week and pretty much living in hotels for most of the summer. Weekends up north as usual, lots of boating, bbqs and parties. We've drank an ocean of tequila and cervesas and had the firemen and public security over for a weenie roast on one glorious summer evening.

I haven't driven any of my motorcycles much this summer but I did get a new exhaust for my boat that is supposed to push the monoxide underwater. Took a bit of modification to get it to work well but now it's done.

There's been a cyanobacteria bloom in neighboring lakes that is a little worrying, you can't drink the water, bath or shower when it's around. So far there hasn't been a problem in my lake. You can half your property value if it becomes serious.

I'm off to Costa Rica with a few friends in November, I'm obviously looking forward to that immensely, I need the break in a big way.

This is cool.

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