Thursday, September 21, 2006

My last word about Dawson

This is going to be my last post about Dawson.

First off, let me get this off my chest - I've said it before but now I'll elaborate. Kimveer was an idiot and we're pretty lucky that he was. If he was a little smarter he would have slaughtered a lot more people. He was dramatic, emotional and crude - like an furious animal with a gun. Things could have been much much worse if he was smart, patient and precise. He wasn't so much insane as insanely furious.

Second, many people have been struggling with his motivation. There are no shortage of theories going around and many people think that he was just plain batshit nuts. I'd say that this fellow didn't have such a bad life but at the same time he didn't have such a great life. He was awkward, shy and introverted. He was pretty immature and relatively stupid. His mom had breast cancer and his dad had a serious heart condition. He still lived at home with his folks and didn't seem to be getting laid. None of this explains more than a bit of depression. If that was the end of the story, he'd just stay at home and listen to sad songs about bad hair. Something however made him internalize his mediocre suburban angst to the point of external combustion. It probably wasn't one thing in particular. The dude was bipolar and isolated and eventually went batshit psycho because nobody figured him out or those that did failed to rat him out.

What to do then? Don't allow access to firearms to urban people without regular deep pschoanalysis at their own cost. Keep recreational firearms locked down in an armoury at the firing range. Give hunters their guns only during the hunting season and make them check them in the rest of the year. Let rural folks, farmers and remote villagers keep their guns as is. Keep the registry to take guns away from batshit psychos. Last but not least, convince depressed youth to take some responsibility for their destiny and not blame others.

My final thought is that this Gill guy had a really stupid haircut for a goth. That guy was no goth, just a cowboy redneck bully jock dressed in black. What a fucking idiot.

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