Monday, September 18, 2006

6:00 AM Dawson college memorial Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are both very disturbing and beautiful.

What a wonderful unfortunate sight. It is a blessing to see people come together, just too bad it takes a tradgedy to do so.

May the family of the victim/s find peace in the kindness of all the unknown faces that are showing their love & support. The outpoor of love is a human thing.

Anonymous said...

deprivation of light and love does leads to desperate behaviour and hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who always feels the light. Kimveer was desperate, dumb and selfish.

"On a related matter, a 15-year-old Montreal boy was arrested today for making copycat threats to his schoolmates on the same website used by Gill. The teenager was charged with uttering threats and was to reappear in court on Tuesday." Huh??? See article....

sanj said...

The amazing thing about Montreal is how much people pull together when things get rough. When the ice storm hit a few years ago, 9 out of 10 people had no power in the middle of winter but everybody was in good spirits and had a dozen friends staying over if they were fortunate enough to have power. There was no looting, robbing or anything mean other than a couple of stores gouging prices on generators.

The same was true in 90 or 91 when the Polytechnique masacre took place. People pulled together in a big way.

Stuff like this just makes us stronger and appreciate where we live that much more. That asshole did nothing but re-affirm what a great city we live in. He wasn`t one of us and that`s why he lashed out.