Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lucky Diamond Rich

This fellow named Lucky Diamond Rich had every inch of his body tattooed in solid black. He didn't expect to join another race but much to his surprise, society now treats him like a negro.

There was a movie made in the 70's I think called watermelon man and a book called black like me that dealt with this topic but this situation is different and particularly interesting because his predicament is irreversible.

He's got quite a story to tell over here at needled.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the world seeing him as a black man...why would anyone do that to themselves? I wonder what is intent was? To make it into the Guiness Book of World Records? I could understand if he did it with beautiful colorful tattoo's, but just black ink? What is the beauty in that? I don't think he has the skin of a black man, just an inked dumb white man. Black people have a gorgous sheen to their skin, that is most likely lacking on this bozo.

sanj said...

The guy has been a circus performer since he was 13. I'd assume that his motivation is part showbiz, part art, part freak.

While I'd agree that the idea is dumb and looks like crap, his project does have some artistic merit. His plan is to overlay white ink patterns over his black ink.

sanj said...

This is what he has to say:

"If people look at me and form a negative opinion about my choice, I would like them to ask themselves whether they do so to make themselves feel better about who they are and how they physically appear to the world? So many hold physical appearance to be precious. I have let go of this and given it away to the Art of Tattoo. I have been supported by all the artists who have tattooed me and who believe in me (and themselves). The most precious thing I have received from all this so far is that it has put me in a situation where I have been able to look within myself. This journey inside is one the hardest things for any person to do. (Of course, you don't have to tattoo yourself to do this.) But give yourself a chance and choose to take it on. Let go of the insecurities of the exterior, of appearance, of race."

Anonymous said...

if you think art for arts sake it cool, I suppose this guy has every right as the next artist to express himself through any medium of his choice.

sanj said...

You know, I don't even have an opinion about this dude. If I did I'd tell him myself.

You can tell him in person on his blog here.