Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fred Phelps is a dick

Who is this guy you might ask? This fellow is the head of a Kansas based church that used to picket AIDs victims funerals claiming that God was seeking revenge on gays (godhatesfags.com, godhatesamerica.com). These days this nutcase and his church are picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq claiming that IEDs are Gods instrument to punish a country that harbours homosexuals. His protesters carry signs thanking God for IEDs.

They picketed Coretta Scott King's funeral.
The Westboro Baptist Church pickets Matthew Shepard's funeral.
They picketed Bill Clinton's moms funeral.

How sad is that?

It's heartening to read that a bunch of bikers follows them around and squelches out their nutball protests.

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Anonymous said...

This guy has the typical middle American attitude.