Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Don

Dondald Trump is a serious jackass but I have to say that I have gotten to really like the Apprentice. I like it because it's dumb. The last season pitted a fellow who had five degrees and a couple of businesses against a journalist. It just doesn't seem like this dude (besides being a creep) had any business even being in this competition. Here we go again, this season seems to be mostly millionaires, why the hell aren't they at home ramping up their own businesses?

The one lesson that keeps coming through in this competition is that for the most part these guys don't know how and when to shut up.

Anywez, Mark Cuban has a great offer for the Don.


Anonymous said...

The Donald rocks. His show is one of the most entertaining of all the reality crap out there. Would I temporarily leave my business to appear on a show with Trump, absolutely. Appearing on the show is the greatest publicity a company can ask for. The contestants are building their empire just by being on the show. Can't beat the audience numbers and Google hits each contestant receives. Some live on in notoriety - Amorosa others go back and reap the benefits of having appeared on the show. What a fun concept.

Anonymous said...

I think that's crap. With a net worth of a couple of million dollars and some successful businesses, these contestants don't need to be Donald's bitch to take it to the next level. The quarter million dollar salary is chump change for a business owner.

Donald himself would never be an apprentice, neither would Mark Cuban, BGates, LEllison, SJobs, or any other real tycoon.

Being on that show makes an entrepreneur lose some luster in my eyes.

Why take handouts when you can have the whole cow?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the whole point is you & millions of others are watching. Who cares who sells out for a little fame. It's not about the money to these people. 1/4 million pay out is small compared to the recognition these people desire. It is about the 5 minutes of fame. Plus, do you really think these contestants are tycoons in the making? A million here or there is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

"Who cares who sells out for a little fame"

Well I guess that about sums it up.

Selling out might be a good idea to some people but for me, I'd never want be somebodys bitch like that.

If Omarosa is a Trump success story then I guess that I have a really different definition of success.