Monday, December 12, 2005

What I want for Christmas

Here's my list (besides world peace)

1) Celestron Skyscout: handheld eyeball computer that has GPS and X/Y/Z tilt sensors and a database of stars. Your personal planetarium.

2) GE lightbulb socket self charging smoke detectors - so simple yet brilliant, flick the light switch twice to test & reset.

3) iubi 100GB personal media player - 175 grams and 100GB, embedded linux - brilliant!

Here are my favorite new gadgets that I am using this year:

1) General Instruments DCT5100 high def PVR (videotron)
2) Konfabulator weather and stock ticker widgets
3) Dell 2300MP projector
4) Gateway widescreen convertible tablet PC
5) Rio Carbon 5GB
6) Sure E2C Sound Isolation Studio Quality Earbuds

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