Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yeah, I'm still alive.

These days I seem to have no time for anything other than the bare essentials - working and socializing. Yes, I am still alive and actually starting to have a life again. Here's a rundown:

Work: Busy as ferk, still living out of boxes since the move and waiting for some swank new furniture - hopefully coming soon. I'm on the hyper caffinated sucrose enriched diet which includes lots of carbonated grain products (coffee and beer for you yobs and perverts).

Play: Lots of wake surfing, the water in Lac Oureau is 70 degrees on the surface and the weather has been great. Lots of ducks, friends, boats and beer but no motocross yet because I'm still pooped from living a bigger life than my body can handle (see the diet above).

Other: Love the weather, miss costa rica, hate looking out the window at the river while my friends are wakeboarding there in the mornings, planning a surf trip in fall blah blah blah.

This site is pretty cool.

Oh yeah, Micheal should walk soon and these guys crack me up.

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