Monday, June 27, 2005

Another weekend another propeller

What a weekend, with tropical weather and lots of lake time it seems like I just spent a week in South America. So what if I thrashed another propeller, what's 400 bucks anyways (ouch!!)? Lets see, Friday was a bit blown out so we did some evening rides. Saturday was baby day with a boat load of people including MC (pregnant) and the 1 month old baby named Neige. It's cool that Marc and Theleme bring their baby out everywhere, the baby seems to like it. Marc is an ex-pro wakeboarder and snowboarder and he was going huge and pulling every kind of flip/invert in the book. I'll get some pics up soon. That brings us to a trip down the river where my boat loaded with 8 people, a baby, a few hundred pounds of sandbags and a few thousand pounds of ballast scraped the rocks and smashed yet another propeller on the way to a beach party. Luckily my prop still was good enough to ride for the rest of the weekend. Which brought us to Sunday, perfect weather, no wind and few boats around to compete for flat water.

Gotta love summer, especially when the weather is perfect. Pics to come soon.

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