Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fire in Babylon

Yesterday, the company next door to mine had a fire in their office. This is a little scary considering we're in an office tower. The strange thing about it is that the fire alarm went off and then there was a general announcement that they were checking into it. A few minutes later they came back and said that it was a false alarm. Meanwhile, my office is smelling like sulfer and smoke and our corridor is full of water from the sprinkler. Why the cover up?

The company next door sells rice and they had this glass display full of rice in their lobby with what looks like a lamp full of rice. I guess the rice caught on fire or something because there was wet rice everywhere and let me tell you, burning rice doesn't smell too good.

Luckily the sprinklers in my office didn't go off because I'd be pissed to say the least.

I'm out of town tomorrow and then up north for the long weekend, talk to y'all next week.

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