Monday, July 13, 2009

A more competent monopoly

I think that the best news that Microsoft has heard in the past decade is that Google is pursuing office productivity apps and operating systems. At the same time, Googs are getting kneecapped by privacy concerns at every turn and starting to raise the ire of the anti-trust thugs - takes the spotlight off MS. This is great because it forces MS to start actually putting out wicked products instead of the third rate crap it had been until 2008. What wicked prods you ask? Well, XBox 360, Natal, Bing image & video search, Sharepoint (no shit), Server 2008 (same core as W7), Silverlight & IIS smooth streaming are awesome products and getting better. I wish they'd fix some old crap though like IE, Outlook and some of the enterprise tools.

Disclaimer: MS makes me money, Google, Apple and Oracle do not, can not and will not ever make me a living.

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