Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh the irony

Talk about a crazy week. On Monday I had to zip out to Edmonton for a meeting, it also happened to be the first day of the no-fly list in Canada so lots of TV crews were around interviewing passengers. So they (CTV National News) interviewed me about what I think which is that the list is necessary but so is external oversight blah blah. So I was on TV on Monday night. Now here comes the ironic part, today (wed) I had to fly back and at 5:30 AM I realized when I was checking in that I couldn't find my wallet and therefore couldn't check in because of this ID business. So what then? I ran around to the security office who sent me to the RCMP office who sent me away and basically told me to piss off and get some ID. I then went back to the ticket counter where my co-traveller was checking in and asked what I should do. The nice young lady told me that if I could prove it was me she'd let me on, asked me how I booked the ticket, when I left, I showed her a property tax invoice and boom I had a boarding pass. I couldn't believe it and I'm relieved to say that in Canada at least, security and common sense seem to be applied in reasonable doses for now anyways. Now I'm back home albeit without ID, bank or credit cards but very happy that West Jet cut me a break. Thanks West Jet and I'll be happy to be flying WJ again sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

what is a no fly list?

sanj said...

A no fly list is a list of people that the spooks won't let on planes like violent criminals and suspected terrorists.