Friday, June 15, 2007

601 + Wimax

Wow, this is post #601, never thought I'd stick to this for so long and so diligently. It's kind of cathartic. I just looked up that word and oddly enough, came up with:

"a powerful agent used to relieve severe constipation (also called a purgative)"

I guess writing does help relieve some severe cerebral and emotional constipation right? More so these days I guess now that I know somepeeps are actually reading this and I'm not babbling to myself in a desolate cave somewhere in the nether regions of the intarwebs.

Speaking of blogs, I think that the blogs that I read the most aren't the ones about people who write about what they did and but rather about what they think about what they did. Sorry, I think I'm having a metaphysical inversion and I'm starting to not make much sense, maybe Eric Estrada is going to jump out of my navel at any moment to steal my cognition.

Fuck, I almost forgot what I was writing about, good thing I did a preview. The point of this whole post before I got so far off topic (and reality) was that a private consortium is rolling out Wimax in Montreal before the incumbant telcos. This is great because of course the Telcos will jump in and do the same for half price.

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