Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tamarindo Restaurant Review

Here it is, after 3 trips and lots of tequila:

Tamarindo Restaurant Review

Lazy Wave - just past High Tide surf shop
AWESOME - urban kind of lounge set in a jungle. Good thai/eastern blend with fresh local fish. Great drinks, great atmosphere, good music if you're under 40.

Tico Restaurant next to the alley in the circle
AWESOME - best tico resto in Tamarindo.

Frutas Tropicales (across from Witches Rock Surf Camp)
Great tico food, a little rough looking but friendly and cheap

Pescadore Numero Uno (On the beach after the circle)
Excellent and cheap fresh fish, great service, kind of rough outdoor cafe.

Up the hill from High Tide surf shop. Very good, upscale-ish but reasonable. Like the Pescadore better.

Dragonfly (dirt road behind High Tide)
High end-ish, watered down Americanized food. Terrible sushi with not bad fish.

Witches Rock Surf Camp
Great happy hour, tex/mex food but very good and pretty cheap. Good atmosphere for a younger crowd.

Other Notable Places:

Lolas (Avallenas)

Very nice place for drinks, didn't eat there but I heard it was good. There's a huge pig named Lola that lives there.

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