Friday, March 31, 2006


I can't believe it, this is my 405th post!!

Holy crap, what a year I'm having. Where do I even begin?

I've been snowboarding like the world is running out of snow. Man has it ever been fun. We've got a great crew up at Mt. Garceau and the snow is crazy good up there for some inexplicable reason while it's crap everywhere else. I'm riding better and faster than ever and starting to throw down 360s - sloppy but fun. Besides just riding, the bar scene has been a riot too, the crew has been awesome and it's like an endless group hug after a long afternoon of hucking and flying.

Whoah! Since my birthday last November, it's been an endless string of bro-ing down with old mates. Some kids turning 30, some turning 40, all of them having monster parties. Which brings me to my party last weekend. God damn, what a party. Lets see, all the guys I invited didn't show up but all of the girls and their girlfriends did!! Whoaaaah - that's a party. A few weeks before, I hosted another birthday party for about 15 people and turned up the soundsystem to 50%. That's louder than most nightclubs. Last weekend, it was Big Gay Al's birthday and I called my neighbors in advance to let them know things were getting loud. They didn't hear the previous party so this time the sound went up to 65% with about 45 peeps mostly chiquitas. I can tell you that there was some dancing and ummm well I can't say much more :) Last night at Misto was more of the same.

With all these parties, I've been DJ'ing again so I'm stoked about buying records and getting back into the groove. Kano @ Moog and Jacob @ DNA are my new unofficial sponsors. Maybe it's the other way around? I'll be hooking up my studio again and hooking up Serato Scratch soon. Stoked.

Damn, I'm working hard and smart these days, hope I can keep up this pace.

Ahhh, I love life when the volume's turned up. Here comes the summer!

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