Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hot hot heat

What's up with this weather? I haven't seen a hot streak like this ever in Montreal. I guess it makes up for all of the cold wet years we had recently.

I went for a morning wakeboard ride on Saturday and ended up staying out for 12 hours. Needless to say, I got pretty hosed and sunstroked. Oh yeah, got busted by the lake cops in the AM for not having numbers and having no spotter. Thats a first, smoothed it out to just a warning.

I turned on my sprinklers on sat. because my lawn was dying. Ended up draining my well. I though my pump burnt out so I took apart my pump and reservoir, valves, EVERYTHING on Sunday at 6:00AM after being woken up by a squirrel at 5:30. Oh yeah, the squirrel was in my living room, spent half an hour chasing it out. Five hours later, I figured out that the well refilled and there was air in the supply line, reversed the pump and pumped water into the well, turned the pump around and it worked. Phew, just in time for a baby shower where I was in a vegetative state for half a day.

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