Friday, February 18, 2005

Steak knives and snowboarding

These days I have been snowboarding a lot after a long break from riding. It sucks that I picked this year because there isn't much snow but WTF, it's better than thumbing my ass in front of the TV. Besides, I get to hang out with a bunch of old friends and break up the week a bit. Every thursday night I have been going up to Mt. Habitant. Last nite, I ran into my really old friend Maddy who also happens to be the ski patroller there (on a snowboard no less), who I haven't seen in years.

Usually I ride in the woods and off trail but these days I am on trail a lot so my regular 151 old school short board isn't holding up too well on the local wide and icy trails. This is especially bad at Mt. Garceau which is particularly icy. I finally decided to get a new board and found a killer ebay deal on a Lib Tech board that's coming in from Montana. Lib Tech is a special company with some wild and innovative designs, they were bought out by Quicksilver a while ago. I rode a prototype Lib Tech for about five years and absolutely loved it. This year they have a new model with a crazy wavy edge that's built to bite hard into ice. I'll let you know what I think when I get it next week.

Here's the board, ugly as ever:

Let's pray for snow because St. Paddys day is only three weeks away and that is pretty much the end of the road for the season.

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