Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more years

CNN has some really interesting stats on the type of people that voted for Bush/Kerry, here's some really interesting highlights:

- White people voted 58% for Bush
- Black people voted 88% for Kerry (PHEW!@)
- Other races voted around 55% for Kerry
- People over 30 voted about 52% for Bush, under 30 it was 54% for Kerry
- Voting by income was wild, if you made <$15K, you voted 63% for Kerry, over 200K, 63% for Bush
- Protestants and Catholics voted 59% and 52% for Bush
- Jewish folks voted 75% for Kerry (!)
- Churchgoers voted 60-70% for Bush

No real surprises but there are now some numbers to these trends to really show how divided the US really is. Good luck to them, I'm just glad that I am Canadian today.

Source: CNN

BTW: I am on the road for the next month so I will be mostly out of sight.

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