Monday, October 11, 2010

Samsung Captive w/Froyo quick review

Just upgraded a couple of days ago to an unlocked ATT Captivate on the Rogers network. Had a blackberry plan and it took a call to Rogers to reset my connection before it worked (no charge). So here's the ups and downs in a quick review;

- Killer OLED display, looks better than iPhone 4 side/side to me and iPhone owner
- More screen and less bezel than a lot of other phones (4")
- GREAT browsing experience with Flash 10.1, all video sites work fine
- Great homescreens user configurable
- Sweet live backgrounds
- KILLER FEATURE -> wifi hotspot woo hoo!
- Gmail is pretty much instant
- Super light and thin next to BBold and iP4
- Pretty smooth app store
- No iTunes required
- Easily load stuff through USB or micro SD
- Skype over 3G and Wifi (in Canada woo hoo!)
- very clear phone, good reception, good speaker phone
- Swype keyboard, getting used to it

- Stock email app checks email every 5 minutes WTF??? Got to use Gmail for speed
- Need to be a techie to re-flash and screw around with settings to get 2.2
- Somehow got stuck in landscape mode after 2 days
- No LEDs to tell you missed calls, msgs or emails (WTF?? you have to unlock)
- No flash for camera
- No camera button
- No front camera for video conf (don't really care myself)
- No keyboard

All in all, I love it and couldn't go back to my blackberry until I get some email crisis that this thing gorfs on. I think that the svelte form factor and light weight will make me eventually ditch my keyboard dreams (still craving the Dell Lightning).

Recommended? Yes, in 5 months when you get 2.2 or Gingerbread off the shelf.

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DHC said...

The orientation on my phone was also stuck in landscape mode and fixed it by calibrating by going to MENU - SETTINGS - DISPLAY - HORIZONTAL CALIBRATION. Just remember to place it on a flat surface. Hope it works for you.