Monday, June 29, 2009

Facebook S/N ratio

Seems like a lot of blogs have gone really quiet while activity has moved to twitter and facebook. I've actually now decided to go in the exact opposite direction. The reason for this is twofold.

First off;

I dislike FB because it pushes other people's updates to me without having subscribed explicitly. This was fine for a few months but rapidly became a mundane pattern of vanity updates and game invitations. FB also only lets you view updates from people who you know who are your friend which limits the availability of relevant information/updates to those in your network. That in itself turns out to be a torrent of utter crap with the odd shard of anything useful floating by. FB for me is now a useful spam free social email replacement tool if you only use the messaging and block noisy friends.


I dislike Twitter because for the most part there isn't very much thought put into tweets as they are more or less designed to be sent by phone. Twitter streams are interesting but not captivating (speaking for myself of course).


I got off of blogging because I found that too many blogs were fucking crapego masturbating vanity monuments to the church of how cool am I. I was and still am afraid that this one is the same although a while ago I stopped posting about what I was doing and more what I was thinking. Now I have returned and will try to make my posts more relevant and hope to emit more revelations with some depth and links to stuff that I find particularly cool.

Speaking of cool, I love these two new-ish tracks;

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enjoyed them. thanks.