Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh the Hypocracy

Here in Quebec/Canada, we have a bunch of pissed off French politicians trying to get elected by singling out immigrants and anglophones for all of the historical linguistic woes of the past, present and future.

This is particularly repugnant because they've singled out immigrants as the cause of decline of the French language and hence are gaining popularity by fanning the flames of intolerance against cultural and religious values that are different from their own.

This is very similar to what the National Front (UK/FR) has been trying to do in Europe for the past few decades.

It's particularly frightening when the leader of a major federal political party can say this in public:

"I say to all the Uncle Toms from Quebec that are in Ottawa who say to us, 'If you want to enforce French, do it in Quebec,' that the federal Labour Code is a federal jurisdiction. It's for them to act ... if they are serious about
recognizing Quebec as a nation."

Gilles Duceppe - Bloc Quebecois

BTW an "Uncle Tom" is an extremely offensive racial pejorative also known as a "house n****", in this case referring to French people who cooperate with the rest of the country. So that's what it's come to in Quebec, politicians are working overtime in Quebec to unite the masses against the threat of immigrants while the local economy slides down the toilet and the Chinese methodically chip away at our manufacturing and processing industries.

Another Nero keeps fiddling while our Rome burns.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked to say the least. Here in States we hear very little of what is going on in Canada. Maybe Canada should kick Quebec out. Wouldn't that force them to wake up. Dumb solution I know. But seems like this has been an ongoing battle for years. French Canada VS. English Canada.

sanj said...

Kicking Quebec out is like throwing out the baby with the bath water. There's a small but vocal minority that's instigating this while the majority mostly tolerate it and the local press has a field day with it.

It doesn't help that every hillbilly redneck, talkshow boob and inbred farmer has his/her own ignoramous opinion and isn't afraid to voice it.