Saturday, October 07, 2006

How funny is that

Well actually it is kind of sad that the anti-gay, evangelical American republicans end up getting taken down by one of their own who is a gay pedophile. Har har!! Credibility just went up in smoke, much like the institutionalized child molesting institute known as the Catholic church.

Here in Quebec, the majority of the population has rejected the church for different reasons in the 60s. Having said that, this is a great article about the Amish.

The Common Dreams site is pretty interesting in general.


Anonymous said...

Really very scary for the youth of today...kind of relates back to the whole youth subculture scene. Trying to fit in and be accepted as a youth is so important in the development of how you will be as an adult. When you don't find that "connection" you end up a f***ed up idiotic self centered person. Think of the youth today and what they have to face everyday. Heck, they aren't safe in their schools, parks or even with adult role models. That is just so sad. The question is how can we teach our youth of today tolerence and acceptance and learn to celebrate differences rather than being scared by them? It starts at home parents! A few of the sick souls could have been saved if it wasn't for the insecurities they had growing up..whatever they were, teasing on the play ground, not the handsome or pretty one..molestation by a "trusted" member of society. That said, whatever you suffered as a child or if your brain was just plain wired incorrectly, it NEVER gives you the right to take a life. The American public needs to wake up and clean up their own backyard....start with the churches and finish with the government.

Anonymous said...

Those are the ones the world needs to worry about: "anti-gay, evangelical American republicans".