Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back from NYC

NYC was a blast. So much happened in 48 hours that I can't even really piece the whole thing together right now. In a nutshell, stayed at the W on Lexington, hooked up with the brother of a friend who's a DJ in NYC, went out to half a dozen little underground clubs and met a whole bunch of friendly new peeps. All in all, the music was astounding and the people were extraordinary. The places that I can remember are the Vault, Subtonic, Sullivan Room, Cafe Deville and Happy Valley. There's a couple of other ones that I can't remember or didn't have names. Booze was crazy expensive so next time we're out there we'll be hosed early. I didn't get to check out the Pink Elephant or Crobar this time around but I'll be back as soon as I can because that was too much fun.

I'm on the road for the rest of the week and off to Costa Rica this weekend, hit the ground running with another roadtrip when I get back - phew. Talk to y'all in June.

Oh yeah, I my first snuff film the other day. Sure it was all done in lego, but it was a snuff film none the less.